Wine Bottle SOS

Calling SOS seems like the right thing to do.

While we drink a glass of our favourite wine, many of us do not concern ourselves about such heavy topics such as climate change, CO2 emissions and the like. That’s ok, it is wine time after all.

Those who create the problem should be the ones to solve it. In the early 1900’s you were required to send your wine bottles back to the winery. You could be fined if you were found to have kept them. That is no longer the case, with wine bottles now being a single use item. The precious glass bottle is crushed and sold to the US to be made into new glass products.

This is a solution that makes the consumer feel better, we are doing our part by recycling. After that we expect those in charge to be responsible for what happens next, ensuring the greatest good.

Until now, this has been the only solution available. Boutèy’s aim is to reuse existing wine bottles in their found state (8 – 10 times) for reuse in the wine industry. Bottles will be collected, sanitized and resold at a lower cost to wineries.

Bottle reuse projects have demonstrated that the difference between using a new bottle 650g of CO2 emissions per bottle versus 6g to wash the bottle and reuse it. Reusing the wine bottle can have a significant impact.

~Trina Plamondon is the Founder of Boutèy. Located in BC, Canada Boutèy‘s mission is to reduce the amount of virgin glass bottles being manufactured and to reduce the carbon footprint of the wine bottle. Find out more at

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