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“There is something magical about a bottle of wine. Within its glass it holds the history of the wine. Once opened it tells the story of the country, climate, soil & the love. “

Trina Plamondon

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New wine in an almost new bottle

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Become a member today and join the list of local wineries who are taking advantage of lower bottle costs, increased supply chain efficiencies and lower carbon emissions. (Membership is free!)

Buying bottles from us has its privileges. Bottles are prepared to order and always in stock in advance. Once you have reserved your bottles, no need to worry about coordinating delivery dates. We delivery your bottles on time. As a local company, we source our bottles locally so we do not have to worry about delivery disruptions.

As a member, once you have prepared your bottles for sale you can access our storage facilities and we will work with your buyers to coordinate pick up.

We take care of everything so you can focus on what matters most. The art of making wine.

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