Bottle Supply

We keep it simple. Three styles of classic bottles.

We guarantee that when you buy our bottles each one is prepared with as much love & care as the wine that refills them.

How do I reserve bottles?

Only members can reserve & purchase bottles. You must be local to purchase bottles. There is no cost or commitment to be a member.

Members have exclusive access to:

Pre-storage. We are a local company and reserved bottles are ready on demand. No need to pay storage fees elsewhere while you are waiting to bottle.

Delivery. We are local. We deliver on time. No need to worry about delivery disruptions.

Post-storage. Need somewhere to store your supply once they are filled? Members get exclusive access to our storage facility.

Pickup. As a member we will also work with your buyers to coordinate access and delivery.

Bottle Specifications

Our bottles are standard 750ML. We only use bottles with cork enclosures. (Sizes may vary slightly see min – max below.)

Still Wine Bottle Specifications

Shoulders: 52mm – 103mm

Height: (Without Capsule) 170mm – 400mm

Height: (With Capsule) 230mm – 400mm

Bottle Throat Opening: 18mm – 20mm

Cork Diameter: 22mm – 30 mm

Cork Length: 38mm – 55 mm

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